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The Nepal Trip maker is an Intelligent program to generate a Nepal trip itinerary from a user Tourist's input considering his/her interest. Any Nepal trip itinerary output is not from a set of predefined itineraries but it is built from the components of Nepal tourism in the program for your tours in Nepal. The generated Nepal trip itinerary comes with the cost in currrency slected as per input by of accommodation category, transport choice within Nepal, the number of persons in the group, etc. This intelligent program builds economic itineraries in time wise and costwise from the Nepal tourism components we have selected. We hope you will like our effort for your making of Tours in Nepal out of numerous choice. For more information regarding this intelligent program and its input procdeure (Operation manual) you can visit About trip maker. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help you need.

Nepal Trip maker input

Kathmandu 3 or more nights recommended
Pokhara 2 or more nights recommended
Chitwan1-3 nights recommended
Nagarkot You can drive or hike to Nagarkot via Bhaktapur
Dhulikhel 1 or more nights recommended
Lumbini 1 or more nights or select day trip
Bardiya3-4 nights recommended
Koshitappu 2 nights recommended
Extra : Extra : Extra : Extra :
Extra : Extra : Adventure : Adventure :
Hotel category : Number of pax : Route transport : Currency :
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